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Firefest Fine Art Photos

These images are designed to be printed on high quality photographic paper as 16"x12" prints. Each print has a white border and text at the bottom, ready to be put into a frame and hung on the wall.

More photos, by Firefest photographers Marty Moffatt and Sue Ashcroft will be added soon.

Fifty percent of any profits from sales of these images will go back into Firefest to help fund future festivals, so not only will you be purchasing a high quality product you will be helping to keep Firefest alive.
Firefest Brighton Rock 1Firefest Brighton Rock 2Firefest Brighton Rock 3Firefest Brighton Rock 4Firefest Brighton Rock 5Firefest Brighton Rock 6Firefest Brighton Rock 7Firefest Brighton Rock-SUE01Firefest Brighton Rock-SUE02Firefest Brighton Rock-SUE03Firefest Brighton Rock-SUE04Firefest Danger Danger 1Firefest Danger Danger 2Firefest Danger Danger 3Firefest Danger Danger 4Firefest Danger Danger 5Firefest Danger Danger 6Firefest 2012Firefest Danger Danger-SUE01Firefest Danger Danger-SUE02