Welcome to Marty Moffatt’s Wedding Photography Services.

I offer wedding photography that is relaxed and informal.  I don’t believe a photographer should dominate your wedding, ordering your guests around and taking up your time for long periods.  My approach, therefore, is to work as unobtrusively as possible, capturing events as they happen and often while you are not even aware that photographs are being taken.  The result is an intimate record of your wedding day and your friends and family who were there to share it with you.

charlotteandian2 022 (Sides 40-41)charlotteandian2 022 (Sides 40-41)

However, I fully appreciate that most couples do also want at least a few posed images (of family groups etc) and if you do want more formal pictures I am happy to accommodate these too.  In essence, I’ll be there to provide you with a service, taking whatever pictures you want when you want them.

You will also find me very easy to get on with. I’ll make a point of blending right in with your guests, will be flexible and undemanding and will not spoil their day by getting in the way. You will hardly notice me and will wonder afterwards how I captured the shots I did, while you were enjoying the day.

Afterwards you will receive a mixture of different images in keeping with your expectations.

Your photos can be presented in colour or monochrome (black and white or toned) captured digitally.

On the day of your wedding I will be available from the beginning, taking photos at the bride’s home if required, right through to the reception and into the evening, or whatever part of the day you wish.  I will stay at your wedding for as long as you want and take as many photographs as opportunities allow.  Typically up to about 1200 photos may be taken during the day, resulting in a choice of around 500 edited photos for you to select from to represent the story of your day.

Here is a gallery of images I've taken at a number of recent weddings, illustrating the kind of images you can expect from me from the key moments of your big day.




My standard package is £950 and includes all of the following:-

  • All photography during up to 10 hours attendance on the day, at multiple locations if necessary and an unlimited number of photos taken
  • All editing and enhancing of up to 500 selected images from those taken on the day
  • A DVD or flash drive containing all images as high resolution Jpegs, together with assigned printing rights, allowing you to arrange your own reprints if you wish
  • A gallery or slideshow of the images, viewable on my website for up to 12 months from the date of the wedding
  • A 50+ page 12″ square photo album of uniquely customized pages containing a selection of images telling the story of your wedding day.

Once you have the hi res images you can of course arrange prints and reprints of as many images as you like.  However, if you don't want the inconvenience of doing that for your family and friends I can activate a shopping cart directly on your online gallery.  That enables your family and friends to order and pay for prints in a range of sizes direct from my online supplier and have them delivered straight to their home.

Unless otherwise agreed, my standard package includes a 12"x12" high quality photo album.  If you want additional copies of the album (for example for parents) I can get these printed at the same time.  The additional cost would be £200 for each 12"x12" album or £130 for each 8"x8" album.

If you don't want the included album (for example if you want to create your own album and get it printed yourself) the price of the standard package is reduced to £700.



About your Wedding Day

The following information sets out clearly what I, as the photographer, will commit to for your Wedding if you reserve my services for the day. It also clarifies what is expected of you with regard to the photography.  Hopefully this will answer most of the questions you may have, but please feel free to contact me directly at any time if you have any other questions or concerns.

chris and Rebecca 027 (Sides 52-53)_resizechris and Rebecca 027 (Sides 52-53)_resize

The services I will provide for you

I will be available on the day, for whatever period is agreed in advance, to take photographs capturing the story of your Wedding. If required this includes:-

  • Bride getting ready (at home or any other location)
  • Pre-ceremony (Groom and guests arriving etc)
  • Bride arriving at ceremony location (church or hotel etc)
  • The Ceremony (if photography is allowed)
  • Post ceremony (formals of Bride & Groom and guests)
  • Personal photo session (just the Bride & Groom in a more secluded location)
  • Wedding Breakfast (including Speeches etc)
  • Evening Reception (up to and including The First Dance)

Once you have reserved my time for the Wedding, no other bookings for photographic engagements (Weddings, portraits etc) will be taken for that day, allowing me to concentrate fully on your big event.

On the day, I am there to provide a service to you. I will have a loose agenda and list of things I need to capture at various points in the day, but beyond that I am at your disposal. If you have anything or anybody that you want photographed at any time, please let me know.

Many couples like to have a few personal photos taken of them, away from the hustle and bustle of their guests. I am more than happy to do this either shortly after the ceremony or at any other suitable time during the day. Having found a photogenic location at or near to the venue, you can be as imaginative and creative as you like while I capture a few artistic images you would be happy to have enlarged and hung on your wall.

natalieandcraig12x12a 020 (Sides 36-37)natalieandcraig12x12a 020 (Sides 36-37)

Unless otherwise specified, I will take, typically, between 800 and 1500 photos during the Wedding. These will be a mixture of formal and informal (‘reportage’) photos, subject to your pre-agreed preferences.

Obviously some of these shots will be very similar to others or may not be usable for various reasons. For example, for formal poses several shots of the same group may be taken, in an attempt to ensure that in at least one photo everybody is facing the correct way and nobody is blinking. For informal shots where guests are not aware of the camera, sudden movements by them etc may result in blurred images. From the pool of photos taken on the day I will extract around 500 photos that best illustrate your Wedding.

These photos will then be further edited (cropped & enhanced) to ensure they are of the best quality possible for printing. Many of them may be converted to black and white etc where appropriate (especially the ‘reportage’ images). This is a time consuming process with a large number of images, and typically I will spend many hours working on these images.

About two weeks after the Wedding I will have completed the editing process and should have about 500 photos available for you to view. Normally, these will be available on a laptop which I will bring around to you to show you as a full screen slideshow.

If required all the high resolution images will be copied onto a CD or DVD or USB Flash Drive. This will enable you to generate your own reprints if you so wish. I will, of course, retain copyright of the images, but will assign to you full usage rights.

If agreed with you a gallery/slideshow of the edited images will be published on this website, so that you, your relatives and friends can all view them easily. They will remain there for up to 12 months. Please note that by default I do not password protection these images, meaning that anybody accessing the website can view them. If you would prefer the gallery to be password protected, please let us know within 7 days of the Wedding and I will make arrangements to do this.

If you want me to arrange for individual reprints, for yourself or for friends and family, I am happy to do so.  This can be arranged automatically via the online gallery.  Alternatively, you can of course arrange for your own reprints from a suitable print supplier using the CD/DVD/Flash Drive.

Please note the standard package includes a finished photo album containing customised designer pages.  This is a fantastic way of displaying your Wedding photos at their best, and squeezing several images onto a page, so that your album is a true and complete record of your day.  However, I appreciate that many couples prefer to put together their own albums, or to arrange it some time after their Wedding, when time or budget permits, and, as mentioned above, I can offer a discount on the standard package minus the album.

charlotteandian2 025 (Sides 46-47)charlotteandian2 025 (Sides 46-47)

Things you must consider and/or provide 

You should think about and provide me with a list of any ‘must have’ photos that you’d like taken. Whilst I will endeavour to capture all the key moments of the Wedding (eg the arrival of the Bride, the confetti throwing, the cake cutting, the speeches, the first dance etc), you will need to let me know if there is anything unusual happening which you want included in the photos. Likewise, if you have a special relation or friend, for example, who simply must be photographed, please let me know, either before or on the day.

Please note that if you do want posed or formal photos you should be prepared for it to take a little time. In the minutes just after the ceremony, guests are generally looking to congratulate you or greet friends and relatives they perhaps haven’t seen for some time, or perhaps even head off to the bar. The last thing they will be thinking about is being available for a photograph. Therefore it does take a few moments to gather the appropriate people together for group photos. I will try to work as quickly as possible, but if you allow one to two minutes per group photo you will quickly realise that a list of 50-60 requests for formal pictures will not be finished in 10 minutes – unless of course the guests are very well briefed beforehand. In an ideal world I would try to limit this element of the day to between 15 and 20 minutes.

If you do have lots of formal groups to be photographed, please try to have somebody available that I can call upon to help gather and organise the groups. Typically, this would be the Best Man, an usher or a Bridesmaid, but it could be anybody as long as they have a reasonable knowledge of who is who at your Wedding. This helps to avoid delays and ensures that everybody who needs to be included in the photos is included.

If you have already reserved my services I will have taken down general details of the Wedding (eg timings of events, preferences etc). These are sufficient until we get much closer to the Wedding date.  I will then contact you a week or two before the Wedding to confirm these details and, if necessary, to obtain more specific details from you. However, if anything changes significantly in the meantime, please let me know. You can of course contact me at any time.

Please let me know if you will be providing food for me during the Wedding. It is not necessary to provide a meal, but it helps to know in advance so that suitable arrangements can be made. If food is not provided I will need to take a short break at some convenient point in the proceedings.

You should be reasonably clear on the kind of photos you want for your Wedding. I specialise in ‘candid’ or ‘reportage’  style photography, although I am happy to conduct more formal groupings as well. This dictates my activities on the day and may be confusing to some people – particularly some members of the older generation – who might expect to see a static photographer organising everybody around him. I am there to record your Wedding, not to control it and, as such, much of my time will be spent attempting to blend into the background.

Unless otherwise agreed in advance, I will require a non-refundable booking fee of £100 to reserve my services for the day, payable at the time of booking. This will be deducted from the cost of your order. The balance of your chosen package will become due approximately one month prior to your wedding. Any additional options (eg extra reprint orders, album page designs or photo albums etc) can be discussed and sorted out later if you wish.

Finally, remember to relax, enjoy yourself and smile at your Wedding! Then your guests will enjoy the day more, the photos will turn out better and you will get more pleasure from looking back at the images in years to come.

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