Below are several comments and testimonials from bands, artists and promoters with whom I have worked. 

I've finally had some time to sit and relax and go through all of the recent videos, photos, etc. that have popped up all over the internet of the Tyketto run. Quite amazing how much is out there. Saving the best for last I got to your FF photos tonight.

It seems that every time I write to you about pictures you've taken of a band I'm with I bring out the superlatives. I'm beginning to run out of ways to let you know how amazed and impressed I am. Right now all I can think of is that these are the best by far. There are a number of shots here that I would love to have blown up and framed. Real works of art.
Danny Vaughn   (Tyketto, Ultimate Eagles, solo artist)

I saw your photos of our show with Mitch.....they are simply amazing....the best pics of us in this Firefest 2012!
Mario Percudani  (Lionville)

wow...those shots are superb !
Pat Fontaine  (XYZ)

Excellent photography!! WOW!! I was blown away by your work.  Thanks for your great work!
Johnny Lima  (Johnny Lima band))

Hi Marty am Jason Thanos I manage Ten and Gary Hughes , I have to say Fuckin Killer job dude can't believe there was a quality photographer there you did shoot some great shots .
Jason Thanos  (Manager of Ten)

Wow, these are the best shots ever taken of Brighton Rock. How do we go about getting copies? They're amazing!  You are really talented my friend & you captured a moment in time for me that I will never forget for as long as I live. Firefest was a surreal experience & I'm proud to show people years to come some killer shots that really emphasizes what it was like to be a part of Festival that you never see here in Canada.
Greg Fraser   (Brighton Rock)

Hi Marty. You are an amazing photographer. Your shots of my band Farcry are fantastic. Rock on!
Mike Ledesma   (Farcry)

MARTY!!!! These pictures are amazing. Once again, you've outdone yourself! Please let me know how to access the hi-res versions. I love you bro! Rock on, Eric
Eric Ragno  (keyboardist with various bands)

Hiya Marty, just checked out the photos of us from the link you just posted and I must say they are excellent, as ever. Thanks for putting them together and making us look good.
Steve Mckenna   (Ten)

Hi Marty...cannot congratulate you enough on those tyketto pictures, truly stunning..
Ged Rylands   (Tyketto)

The shots you took of us at Firefest are some of the best I've seen.
Gareth Noon  (Serpentine)

Hope you are well and have just checked out the photos you took from our set at firefest 2011 and WOW! some great shots in there and excellent photography skills!! You really captured the sets finest moments.

Roy Millward  (Serpentine)

Marty Moffatt is a naturally quiet man and with good reason; he’s always seeing, looking, perceiving and noting every bit of information passing before his finely tuned eyeballs. That in itself is not incredible you may say, but it’s what Marty does with all that information that’s so compelling. He has that rare ability to capture his subject without being intrusive. It could be a simple idiosyncratic movement or a passing facial expression or even a vague silhouette; whatever aspect it is, you always feel like the subject isn’t aware of Marty’s presence or posing in any way for the camera. He’s nicknamed ‘The Sniper’ with very good reason; whilst going about his work he could be right under your nose but his ability to get the shot without being noticed is remarkable.

Luke Morley (Thunder, The Union)

Hi Marty, just dropping you a line to say that your pics of FM at Download are simply awesome.
Jim KirkPatrick (FM)

Hi Marty, I was just looking thru’ your photos from our show at islington. Fantastic work Marty! There’s some great images there.
Ed Poole (Romeo’s Daughter)

That little slideshow is superb. If it’s OK with you I’ll post a link on my diary
Dave Ling (music journalist)

Hi Marty, just wanted to say a big thanks for the photos, they are amazing… That you get those results with that bunch of reprobates is more than impressive!
Ryan Aston (The Ultimate Eagles)

Some great stuff. Thank you.
Kip Winger  (Winger)

Marty has a fantastic eye. He’s nicknamed ‘The Sniper’ because you are never aware of him taking photos, I think that is a very good skill to have as a photographer. His best photo’s are like works of art. His pictures have really captured the vibe we wanted to present as a band and I think they complement the music perfectly, he has brought so much to the visual side of this project.
Pete Shoulder (The Union)

Brilliant! As Usual!!. Cheers mate, love them.
Matt Pearce (Voodoo Six)

They look great, top man. As you said considering it was dim they have come out amazing.
Tony Newton (Voodoo Six)

Marty! I must say that you did an amazing job shooting this show. I would love to get all your high res shots on disk. Thank you so much!
Rachael Iverson (Joe Bonamassa’s marketing team)

Marty, those kick ass!!!!!!!!!! I love your pics! You give good lens babe! LOL. Thanks again so much for these amazing pics. We’ll put some up on our website for sure – thanks to you we have some cool performance pics too instead of all party pics.
Stephanie Leigh (ThunHerStruck)

Thank you soooooo much – you are so awsome for sending these so quick. We had a great time out there and we are all very glad you came out again, and hope we have more time to hang next year   We will get these pics up on our MySpace very soon. You rock Marty.
Carin Toti (ThundHerStruck)

Wow !!!, I think these are the best so far, no other photographer has captured the band anywhere close to the way you have and I would just like to say how much I admire your work with the Illegal Eagles, I know on the gigs there is a lot of banter and stuff but I never take for granted the hard work and talent that you put in to these sessions at the shows, you have my utmost respect and admiration and I would like to say a big thank you to you for the work that you have done with the band and long may it continue.
Keith Atack (Illegal Eagles)

You’re a very talented man. I would love to get these shots they are amazing.
Mitch Malloy (Mitch Malloy band)

These are awesome! I love your work.
Steve Augeri (Journey, Tall Stories)

F**k me Marty, you just get better all the time.
Chris Childs – (Thunder, The Union, The Ultimate Eagles)

GREAT JOB Marty!! You have the touch. Thank You!!
Bill Bieloh (RIP) – owner and promoter of Moondance Jam classic rock festival

Hi Marty! It’s Andrea the Bassist for Thundherstruck. I just wanted to say how fantastic your photos are and I look forward to them every year.
Andrea Zermeno – ThundHerStruck

Fantastic pics from Firefest. We all really appreciate you taking the time to do them. Really excellent.

Marc Stackhouse (Burn)

I was on melodicrock.com and saw the OUTSTANDING shots you took of us at firefest. They were amazing and I’d love to get some prints for my personal scrapbook. Is there a way to see all the pix you took of our set (yours were by far the best I’ve seen btw) and maybe get a disc or something?
Jess Harnell (Loud and Clear)

Wow, you took some beautiful pics of us at Firefest. I work with a bunch of picky, high-end audio/video artists in the Los Angeles area who aren’t easy to please, and they were very impressed with your work.
Dennis Dries (White Sister)

I just wanted to say what truly amazing photos you have taken of Jeff at the Firefest show. I was absolutely blown away.
Richard Mace – publicist for Jeff Scott Soto

I must say the pics I have seen are superb! Nice to see B&W ones as well which I feel give the shots an edge.
Steve Price (ARfm radio)

Saw the TALON pics you posted. GREAT shots. You have a great eye for live photography.
John Kivel (Kivel records)

I was just checking out your photos of Tall Stories at Firefest V. Fantastic photographs, you are very talented!!
Rick Falco (Rox Diamond)

I saw the slideshow, awesome shots! Is there any way to send them to me as jpegs so I can put them up on my myspace?
Chandler Mogel (Talon)

This is Rob from Danger Danger. I was reading the Melodicrock.com noticeboard and found the link to the Paul Laine photos you took at Firefest. The pics look totally awesome   I would really like to use a couple of them, if thats ok with you. Let me know.
Rob Marcello (Danger Danger, Paul Laine)

It’s Stevie Stewart, keyboards from the Sweet here just letting you know that I thought your shots were really cool. Thanks for shooting us at Moondance.
Stevie Stewart (Sweet)

I got forwarded a link to your Firefest pics of Crunch. Just wanted to drop a note and say they are absolutely GREAT! You have a great eye man!
Jamie Rowe (Crunch)

Wow! We all loved your pictures of us from Fire Fest. Well done my friend! We would love to use some of them for our new website.
Adam Holland (Valentine)

Thanks for taking photos of us again! They’re FRICKIN’ AWESOME!!! U Rule!
Dyna Shirasaki (ThundHerStruck)

All in all Marty’s photos reflect a great gig – probably one of Jeff’s best – he ought to be very rich as he is one of the best concert photographers I have ever seen.
Frank Tunney (Tour Manager for JSS Band)

I’ve just been sent the photos from the Thunder tour by Ian. They look fantastic, thanks a lot!
Martin Saint (Get Vegas)

Your photos are f..king amazing! I can’t believe that Jeff told me you DONT do this for a living. I hope you don’t mind if I use some for my MySpace page and maybe my regular website (if I ever get around to updating it). Thanks so much for taking all of them.
Howie Simon (JSS Band, Alcatraz)


And here are a few of the many comments received from visitors to the website and fans of the bands being photographed

“Marty, you are to photography what Michelangelo was to painting. Your work is so, so amazing because it is strongly spiritually engaging. Thank you for sharing what only your mind’s eye can see through a camera and through your visual presentation. It is so wonderful to have an artist of your visual talent living among us today. I will continue to follow your work and hope that the entire world catches on and enjoys your vast talent. Please count me among your greatest fans.”

“Great effort as a band and Marty Moffatt’s great photos speak louder than words.”

“WOW!!! You should consider yourself the most fortunate person alive to have seen these shows and to have taken such a beautiful collection of “The Best Journey Concert Photos” ever!!!!”

“Once again a stunning set of images from Marty Moffatt Esq…”

“Well Done Marty, it’s becoming quite a ritual…crack open an ice cold lager, set up Journey album of choice on Itunes (Revelation, on this occasion obviously!!), run Marty’s slideshow …and relive the night all over again…AWESOME Awesome, awesome photos!!!”

“Nice photos and unbiased review so far. Finally, I can read something from a professional. Appreciate hearing you appreciate the revitalized & re-birth of Journey with this awesome new line-up. Keep us posted! So far, I’m loving this group & looking forward to their music…I take it back — those are GREAT PHOTOS!”

“Thank you Marty Moffatt for your effort and also for sharing all these beautiful photos to us.”

“Congratulations Marty, great pictures bring their reward. Keep up the good work.”

“Stunning pictures. Marty, can you ensure you attend all the gigs I go to in the future, so that when I’m a dribbling, drooling wreck with the memory capacity of a senile goldfish, I’ll have something to look back at?”

“As always you have excelled – dashed brilliant old bean.”

“Not only do you take some of the best photos that I have seen, but you go out of your way to put them up for us to view. Thank you!”

“Great shot’s Marty. Do you ever pinch yourself and go “omg, my life ROCKS!” lol”

“Just saw the pics from Newcastle, wow…best yet! That first shot of Neal is so OMFG!!! LOL I’m so happy for you getting such a great opportunity with the guys! Your work has improved with each shoot! What fun you must be having!”

“Lights and shadows.. Colors and hues… Capturing the subject perfectly…. As always I am awed by your photos Marty. Thank you for sharing all of them and hoping for more on the next Journey Tour….”