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This gallery is the result of a challenge I set myself in 2018 - to include a photo for each day of the year - 365 images. Each photo has been taken by me at a music concert over the past decade or so, showing a band or artist during their performance. Along with each image I have included a few comments describing the concert or the image and why I have chosen it for this gallery from among the tens of thousands of other concert shots I've taken.

Inevitably, given the close working association I have had with them, there are many shots of Thunder and Journey in the gallery. However, I have tried to add a wide mix of images of other artists, in no particular order, to showcase different shooting conditions, different viewpoints and different types of musical event.
Day 001 - WhitesnakeDay 002 - Trans Siberian OrchestraDay 003 - Steve AugeriDay 004 - ThunderDay 005 - HalestormDay 006 - Joe BonamassaDay 007 - JourneyDay 008 - ThunderDay 009 - Ted Poley / Danger DangerDay 010 - The ChristiansDay 011 - JourneyDay 012 - IngloriousDay 013 - ThunderDay 014 - ThunderDay 015 - Limehouse LizzyDay 016 - SkindredDay 017 - WETDay 018 - The Australian Pink FloydDay 019 - Royal HuntDay 020 - Alex Lifeson from Rush